Introducing Depop Amplified

By Depop
5 Jun 2023

Depop is proud to unveil Depop Amplified, an innovative program designed to empower and celebrate the influential voices within its vibrant community.


Depop Amplified invites all members of the Depop community to become agents of change and make a positive impact on the world of fashion. By creating engaging and Depop-centric content across popular social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, and Twitch, influencers will amplify the message of sustainable fashion to a wider audience, reshaping the industry for the better.

Participating in Depop Amplified brings a host of exciting rewards. From increased visibility across Depop channels, to waived selling fees, and exclusive opportunities to collaborate with Depop on partnerships - creators will be recognised and rewarded for their outstanding contributions. Additionally, they can unlock Depop shopping vouchers, allowing them to indulge in their favourite finds and further fuel their passion for fashion, without costing the planet!

At its core, Depop Amplified aligns with Depop's mission to become the world's most diverse, progressive home of fashion. It highlights the importance of secondhand fashion as the most sustainable choice, benefiting both people and the planet. By encouraging the existing Depop community to spread the message of sustainable fashion through their creative content, Depop Amplified aims to ignite a movement that promotes conscious fashion consumption.

To join Depop Amplified and access the unique rewards it offers, interested individuals are encouraged to sign up through the designated online form. Upon registration, participants will receive a personalised link that they can incorporate into their content, ensuring their impact is accurately tracked. By utilising the hashtag #depopamplified, creators can connect with like-minded individuals and collectively drive the sustainable fashion revolution forward.

For more information about Depop Amplified and its rewards, please contact

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