‘Year on Depop’ captures the year in circular fashion for Depop’s community

By Depop
12 Dec 2023

Disclaimer: Environmental impact measurement methodology

We estimated the water saved based on a calculation of the water consumption avoided using the average weight for certain item categories (bottoms, dresses, outerwear, tops and shoes) when purchased secondhand on Depop compared to brand-new (excluding non-comparable stages of the product life cycle such as assembly, retail, distribution, use and disposal). Read our methodology here

This week, circular fashion marketplace Depop will launch ‘Year on Depop’, a brand new package of personalised annual insights giving millions of buyers and sellers a unique view into their 2023 style journey. 

‘Year on Depop’ will offer a first-of-its-kind, shareable celebration of secondhand fashion; showing regular Depop users the styles, brands and interactions that defined their year - and showcasing the positive environmental impact of their individual circular fashion choices. 

‘Year on Depop’ 2023 will be available as a beta version in-app, alongside tailored shareable content, to a group of regular Depop users. It aims to celebrate the contribution of Depop’s buyers and sellers to building a vibrant and diverse style destination and elevating fashion that’s kinder to people and kinder to the planet.