Depop takes over Los Angeles to launch 'Depop This Look'

By Depop
26 Mar 2023

Fashion resale marketplace Depop announces the launch of Depop This Look - a community-powered initiative connecting style inspiration from visually and culturally iconic locations across Los Angeles.

The initiative translates each location into hundreds of vintage, pre-loved styles curated with tastemakers including Jordan Firstman, Quen Blackwell, Marcel Ruiz, Remi Wolf, and more, all shoppable on the platform. Aligning with Depop’s values of purpose and community, talent and locations were selected and paired based on their personal styles and creative vision. 

Each partnership reimagines the aesthetic of popular West Coast communities and small businesses as style inspiration within the Depop app. The program, which runs through May 5, kicks off with partnerships between Depop and Jordan Firstman x Pink’s Hot Dogs, Quen Blackwell x Neighbors Skateshop, and Eunice Chang x Rainbow Bar & Grill. Participants can visit each location to scan its unique QR code creatively integrated throughout the space. From there, participants are given access to a tastemaker-curated edit of trends, styles and pieces to discover and explore second-hand and vintage fashion in-line with their favourite Los Angeles institutions. 

“It's really exciting to collaborate with some of LA's incredible talented individuals and landmark institutions to celebrate that style inspiration is all around us, and that people can explore secondhand and vintage fashion to find what they're looking for,” says Peter Semple, Depop’s Chief Marketing Officer. "Alongside these amazing partners we're hoping to prompt conversation around the connections between culture and fashion, and encourage everyone to share and discuss the people, communities, places that inspire them to #DepopThisLook."

Check out the full list of talent and location partners below and IRL.

Venice Beach

#DepopThisLook starting March 24

Home to an iconic skate plaza, fishing pier and more, Venice beach attracts hundreds of people, making it one of the richest spots in the area for visual style inspiration. To capture Venice Beach bigger-than-life style, shop Depop curated style edit, featuring skater boy/girl aesthetic pieces.

Jordan Firstman x Pink’s Hot Dogs 

#DepopThisLook starting March 24

A Hollywood legend since 1939, Pink’s Hot Dogs is iconic not only for its tasty, uniquely named hot dog’s, but for its aptly coloured pink exterior and retro aesthetics that continue to draw crowds daily. Jordan Firstman, a comedian who rose to fame for his Instagram skits , is bringing his bright, electrifying style to Depop, pulling inspiration from the infamous hot dog joint. Similar to his sketches, Jordan is encouraging fun, flirty fashion to elevate your everyday looks.

Quen Blackwell x Neighbors Skate Shop

#DepopThisLook starting March 24

Neighbors Skate Shop is bridging the gap between generations. Their mission is to continue their legacy through energy and art - ideals that resonate with tik tokker, Quen Blackwell, who hopes to use her following and career to solidify her creative legacy, and encourage young people to get outside and do the same. Depop users can shop skater looks, channelling inspiration Quen sees in local artists and the authentic vibe of Neighbors.

Eunice Chang x Rainbow Bar & Grill 

#DepopThisLook starting March 24

Rock and Roll is at home in the Rainbow Bar & Grill, a snapshot of the 70’s and 80’s where rockstars and locals alike have frequented over the years.  Professional skateboarder, Eunice Chang is bringing her cool-girl style to Depop - shop her favorite rocker-vintage leather looks, cool chokers and more clothing inspired by the Rainbow Bar & Grill’s  legacy.

Louisa Meng x Chinatown

#DepopThisLook starting March 31

Los Angeles’ Chinatown was the first neighborhood in the U.S. to be owned by Chinese residents, and ever since has been a mecca for food, boutique galleries and small businesses. Photographer and creative director Louisa Meng often draws inspiration from her community and cross-generational cultures, and Chinatown’s rich historical background echoes this sentiment. Now, Depop shoppers can channel the eclectic and vibrant style into their wardrobes with Louisa’s unique curation of culturally inspired looks.

Mia Carucci x Club Bahia

#DepopThisLook starting March 31

Filled with neon palm trees, live music and great drinks, Club Bahia is a storied Latin nightclub in the heart of Echo Park. Musician Mia Carucci, who celebrated her album release at a party hosted by Club Bahia, digs into their latin roots for their personal sound, fusing natural and electric elements, which feel at home in Club Bahia. For your next night out, no matter your vibe, let Mia’s curated shop guide your look, embodying the lively spirit of LA.

Marcel Ruiz x Supervinyl 

#DepopThisLook starting April 7

Known for its wide selection of records and turntables, Supervinyl embodies mixing the past and present with modern music and old-school listening methods. Now, with a little help from Depop and actor/DJ Marcel Ruiz, fashion-lovers can shop a “retrosport” style edit inspired by Supervinyl’s nostalgic aesthetic, including band tees, leather jackets and vintage denim. Similar to Ruiz, a passionate DJ constantly immersing himself in new music, Depop users can immerse themselves in Supervinyl’s stacks of records and craft an accompanying look from the app’s retro-cool curation.

Lia Bass x The Line Hotel

#DepopThisLook starting April 7

The Line Hotel, a chic Koreatown boutique hotel, features industrial elegance with clean lines, rich burgundy walls and sophisticated style at every turn. Matching The Line’s sleek look, Lia Bass, a rising actress/model, keeps you guessing with her edgy, leather-loving style. For the cool girls looking to emulate The Line and Bass’ aesthetic, shop Depop’s grunge style edit featuring sleek moody pieces in purple, mesh material and more.

Cassidy King x De La Nonna 

#DepopThisLook starting April 7

Translating to “from the grandmother,” Latin and Italian-inspired pizzeria De La Nona brings soul food and the sweetness of a home-cooked meal right to your table in the heart of the Arts District. Cassidy King, a singer-songwriter hailing from Ohio, brings that same warmth to her soulful, deeply personal lyrics. De La Nonan and King invite Depop users to pull style inspiration directly from their homeground aesthetic and shop their classic, retrofit edit, featuring red and white gingham, cozy flannel pieces, relaxed dresses and more. 

Remi Wolf x Night + Market Song 

#DepopThisLook starting April 21

Bright, bold and buzzy, Night + Market Song serves as a hub for good food and good conversation as one of Los Angeles’ best Thai restaurants - and with her vibrant, eclectic style, singer Remi Wolf fits right into this scene. If fashion-lovers are looking to tap into Night + Market Song and Wolf’s bold and magnetic personalities, they scan and shop Depop’s “sirenscape” style edits, full of colourful hues, bold patterns and eye-catching statement pieces for the most alluring looks. 

Depop This Look was created in collaboration with Opinionated.