Announcing Depop Space Selfridges

By Depop
31 Aug 2019

Depop, the fashion marketplace app with the cult Gen-Z following, to open a physical retail space in London at Selfridges. With the success of its two physical spaces in the US (Depop Space NY, Depop Space LA), Depop Space Selfridges will be the platform's first branded retail space this side of the Atlantic.

As part of The New Order AW19 creative campaign, Selfridges has invited some of the world's most boundary-breaking digital creatives to reimagine what shopping, style and the department store might look like in the not-so-distant future.

"Depop's mission is to empower the next generation to transform fashion," said Peter Semple, Depop Chief Marketing Officer. "Coming together with a fashion authority like Selfridges is an exciting opportunity for members of our community to extend their reach offline and take their business to the next level."

From August through to the end of October, Depop Space Selfridges will showcase different Depop sellers each week who will exhibit a selection of key pieces from their Depop collections available for purchase only at Selfridges. An additional exclusive selection of pieces will be available online on

The retail space itself will act physical reimagining of the digital marketplace with a kinetic rail visitors can control to view the collection. And will serve as a way for the public to experience the diversity available from the Depop community spanning vintage, luxury, reworked, streetwear and independent designers.

Depop Space Selfridges will have a dedicated in-app section on the Depop app featuring all sellers included in the pop-up, inviting users worldwide to take part.