Evolving our fee structure, with zero selling fees on Depop

By Depop
21 Mar 2024

Depop is on a mission to make fashion circular - encouraging as many people as possible to choose secondhand instead of new. For over a decade, our community has been championing preloved and pioneering change in the fashion industry - and we’ve been evolving alongside them, committed to building an inspiring, dynamic marketplace that opens up access to buying and selling secondhand fashion, for everyone. 

With more and more people now looking at resale as an alternative to retail, we want to make it easier than ever for people to take their first step into secondhand, and sell the clothes they no longer wear. To support this, we are saying goodbye to charging selling fees for sellers based in the UK. Sellers listing items on Depop will now receive more money in their pocket from each sale, with the removal of the 10% selling fee for new listings created from 20th March onwards. 

Why are we making this change?

  • We want to empower our sellers to list more, sell more and earn more, and make it as easy as possible for people who’ve never sold before to give it a try

  • More listings means more choice and variety for UK buyers, at a greater range of price points

Alongside this, we’ll be introducing a marketplace fee for UK buyers on every purchase, which will apply from 15th April 2024. This will support continued investment across the Depop marketplace including in Depop Protection, customer support, platform improvements and growing our community, and will be up to 5% of the item purchase price (plus a fixed amount of up to £1, excluding taxes and postage costs). 

Our evolved fee structure in the UK will help us to continue empowering sellers to list more and earn more, while also driving improvements in the Depop experience. Across 2023 and beyond, we’ve done more than ever to enhance the experience of both buyers and sellers: 

  • Making search more efficient: By investing in technology that powers our search experience, buyers are now 42% more likely to find an item they want to buy through search*

  • Improving matching: Surfacing intelligent recommendations to match buyers with the perfect item in our catalogue of 34M items, so they are 54% more likely to view a product recommended to them**

  • Enhancing support: We’ve driven a 40% improvement in resolution time for incoming support enquiries, and a 48% improvement in average support response times year over year***.

  • Accelerating product enhancements: Launching new features like Send Offer and Boosted Listings, with a 70+% increase in product development velocity 

  • Streamlining listing: Through predictive, AI-powered autofill listings, we've radically improved the listing flow, helping our users create listings faster and easier - driving more choice and variety for UK buyers

The UK is our home market, and it's a market at an exciting inflection point, with more people than ever open to shopping resale over retail. Our community here is in a unique position to help amplify this change, by showing that desirable, affordable secondhand fashion can be accessible to everyone. Since 2021, the Depop community has given a second life to over 25M items that already existed**** - and we believe that together, we can continue to change the fashion industry for the better.

Zero selling fees are available to sellers located in the UK and to GBP sales only, and the usual payment processing fee will still apply. 

* Search to purchase conversion, January 2023 to March 2024

** Product views from recommendations, January 2023 to March 2024

*** 2022 vs 2023

**** Secondhand items listed and sold with ‘Used’ condition attribute in 2021 and 2022. Brand new items and items without a tagged condition attribute are excluded