Depop launches ‘I Got It On Depop’ campaign, inspiring shoppers to choose circular fashion this summer

By Depop
8 May 2023

Depop has launched its new UK campaign ‘I Got It On Depop’, designed to inspire style explorers to shop pre-loved this summer. 

Drawing on the marketplace’s community-first ethos, ‘I Got It On Depop’ seeks to highlight the sense of community found on Depop and capture the excitement and positivity of sharing a unique secondhand purchase. The language of the campaign borrows from the natural, everyday vernacular that Depop hears from its community, and the pride that buyers and sellers express in choosing circular fashion over new. 

The campaign will be split into three key phases, supported by multi-channel marketing activations and tying into the excitement of early festival season. Starting today, Depop branded assets will launch across OOH (Out of Home) in close proximity to prime London retail spaces such as Oxford Street and Westfield. Alongside OOH, the campaign comprises influencer and talent partnerships, audio promotion and an IRL music and marketplace event, featuring exciting UK music talent.

Peter Semple, Chief Marketing Officer at Depop, says; Community is, and will continue to be, one of the most important parts of the Depop experience. This campaign leans into the energy of how our buyers and sellers already proudly talk about their Depop purchases; we’ve named it  ‘I Got It On Depop’ because we know that’s what our community is already saying to each other. 

“It's important for us that the community has a sense of ownership over this content and feels empowered to spread the word, join the conversation and be an active part of the secondhand movement.”

“As well as taking inspiration from community-derived expressions, we’re also drawing in some proud provocations of why shopping secondhand on Depop is a better option for both the planet and your wallet.”