Depop community embraces offers, as suite of negotiation tools expands

By Depop
9 Jan 2024

Community-powered fashion marketplace Depop has completed the rollout of its Send Offer feature, extending its suite of Offer tools enabling buyers and sellers to negotiate great deals on unique secondhand fashion. 

Send Offer enables sellers to easily send targeted discount offers to interested buyers and convert likes into sales - giving buyers the opportunity to receive special prices for items they’re interested in. Buyers have 24 hours to buy or counter-offer before the offer expires. The feature launched to iOS last year and has now completed its rollout on web and Android. 

Negotiation through offers is a key part of how people buy and sell on Depop: 

  • Buyers on Depop have scored an average discount of 23% on items bought via offers in the last year

  • Over 40% of all items are now bought via offers

  • 62M offers were made by our community in the last year 

  • Since the launch of Send Offer, 2 million offers are now sent per week by sellers

  • Across Depop’s core markets, Sundays and Mondays are the biggest days for accepting offers

The Make Offer feature, allowing buyers to easily send an offer to a seller on an item they’re interested in, was launched in 2022. 

Rafe Colburn, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Depop, said: “We see the suite of Offer tools as a critical feature in our marketplace, and the response from buyers and sellers to the recent changes has been really positive. Send Offer helps to make the process more reciprocal and gives sellers more tools to help drive sales, whilst giving buyers personalised discounts on items they love.”