Circular fashion definition

By Depop
15 Nov 2022

Depop publishes its circular fashion definition - outlining its approach to circular fashion, and setting out the criteria to define what is meant by ‘circular’ at Depop

At Depop our aim is to change the way we shop, by keeping clothes that already exist passing from person to person. We are taking steps to promote a more circular fashion industry and bring circular fashion to more people. At Depop, we believe that extending the lifespan of existing garments is crucial in the fight against overproduction, by contributing to displace the need for new resource-intensive production. Research from Depop in 2022 showed that 9 in 10 purchases made on Depop prevent the purchase of a brand-new item elsewhere (based on a survey of 5,531 Depop users across three markets (UK, USA, Australia).

However we recognise that brands, retailers and resale platforms do not necessarily mean the same thing when they use the word ‘circular’, and this can be confusing for our users. That’s why we decided to clarify what we mean by circular fashion and clearly spell out how it applies to items sold on Depop.

The criteria sets out four types of items that we refer to as circular on Depop: 

  1. Secondhand 

  2. Reworked

  3. Destined for waste

  4. Made as circular 

See our full circular fashion definition for the glossary and full guidance on these criteria. 

At Depop, we’re always looking for ways to improve our approach. The criteria outlined in the circular fashion definition are meant as a starting point and will evolve over time as circular practices are hopefully widely and systematically adopted in the industry and waste is designed out.

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Get to know our circular fashion definition.