Maria Raga


Maria Raga is the CEO of Depop. Since being promoted to the position in 2016 from VP of Operations, she has presided over every element of the business, from finance and engineering to marketing and product.
An open and collaborative CEO, Maria is dedicated to her team, which has grown to 300+ employees in five offices worldwide, in the last five years alone. Perhaps most importantly, since she took over as CEO, she has raised close to $100M in funding, which has helped to grow and nurture the community on Depop - now 30m+ users.
Prior to Depop, Maria held successively roles at Groupon and Privalia. After graduating from Insead MBA, Maria joined Bain & Company as a consultant.
Born in Valencia, Spain, Maria now resides in London with her husband and three children. In her spare time, Maria enjoys connecting with Depop’s entrepreneurial Gen-Z community and promoting women in the workplace