Trust and safety

Making Depop a safe place for all of our community is our number one priorityWe take safety seriously on Depop. We’re working in a variety of different ways to protect our users, and we constantly invest in new and better methods to keep everyone safe.

Protecting our community

Our community of young entrepreneurs needs a trusted experience in order to thrive. Providing our users with the safest and most secure place to build their business is at the top of our agenda.

A zero-tolerance approach

We take all forms of misuse and inappropriate behaviour extremely seriously. Any individual seeking to take advantage of the Depop community will not be tolerated and action will be taken against them.

Community guidelines

We have developed a robust set of community guidelines, designed to keep everyone safe and protected. These guidelines make it clear to everyone what we do and don't allow on Depop.

Prohibited items

We keep users safe by prohibiting certain behaviours. We also keep users safe by prohibiting certain items. We monitor our app for the sale of such items and will remove any items that violate our policies. We encourage users to report any item that isn’t in line with our guidelines. Read more about which items are prohibited on Depop.

Investing in technology

We are committed to investing in new automated systems to identify and remove bad actors from our community. Our dedicated tech team is responsible for building new and improved methods of detection and protection, employing various tools to detect inappropriate behaviour and misuse faster and more effectively.

Building a best-in-class community experience

Our Trust and Safety department is responsible for developing and furthering safety on Depop. Along with our Community Experience team, we’re working hard to protect our users and provide them with a best-in-class experience.

TSPA membership

In 2020, we became a member of the Trust & Safety Professional Association, which brings thought-leaders together to discuss, agree and share ideas on the best way to enforce principles and policies that define acceptable behaviour and content online.

35,000proactive reviews of our users' accounts

When it comes to enforcing our community guidelines, we don't just wait for a user to complain about another Depop user violating a policy. We have proactive automated tools in place that enable us to identify violations before a user complaint is even made. In fact, we conducted over 35,000 proactive reviews of our users' accounts in 2020.

A secure and trusted experience

We are committed to finding new ways to keep our users safe and enhance their experience on Depop.

A safe shopping experience

The only safe way to purchase is on the Depop app or website, via the Buy button. This is something we consistently reinforce to our community to help keep their transactions protected.

Buyer Protection

We offer Depop’s Buyer Protection on eligible transactions made using PayPal or Depop Payments. This means that buyers are always covered if something goes wrong with their order.

Password security

We are committed to improving password security and developing new and enhanced authentication methods. All Depop users are required to use a strong, complex password when signing up, which is cross-checked with an industry-wide list of leaked passwords. This helps to minimise the risk of an account being compromised.

Password resets

Weak passwords, along with the use of the same password across multiple accounts, are the greatest source of account takeover. This is why we’ve proactively reset millions of Depop accounts who have not updated their password in over a year, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity on Depop.

50%decrease in account takeovers

In 2020, we saw a 50% decrease in account takeovers, despite Depop’s user base increasing by more than 50% during this year.

We're here for you - now and always

There are many ways for Depop users to report issues and request support.

In-app reporting

The fastest way users can report issues is via the "..." in the top right-hand corner of any item listing or user profile. Reporting in-app enables us to take action, plus it can help us prevent the situation from happening again.

Help Centre

We publish guides and resources for users on the Help Centre, so they’re able to help themselves with certain issues.

Support request

For direct assistance, users can submit requests for support straight to our Customer Experience team.

Tips for parents and guardians

We know that for parents of younger users, navigating social marketplaces can be tricky. To help young users and their parents and guardians, we’ve put together a guide on how Depop works and how users can stay safe while on the app.