— Fashion for a better future

Changing fashion isn’t hard. It’s as simple as changing the way we shop. Keeping clothes that already exist passing from person to person. Keeping the stories, the culture, the value, the designs, moving for as long as possible.
It’s simple. And it’s massive too. Because it slows the demand for new new. It preserves the environment, creates new connections, new ideas, new hope, new action, new methods to make and experience the clothes that we wrap our bodies in.
Fashion is a global language – no matter where we are, our clothes always tell a story about who we are – and like language, fashion is constantly changing. It’s time to make this language more than it has been. To let go of what isn’t working and create something with more vibrance, more opportunities, more hope, more care–––something that reflects the way we want to value each other and our home.
The good news is that it’s already happening. Our role is to build the tools and inspiration, and to ensure we’re giving representation to the people making these changes.
Together, we’re shaping a new fashion system. One that’s kinder to people and kinder to the planet.
This is fashion for a better future.

Our vision for a new fashion system

We have work to do to become the business we want to be. Our contribution to making changes happen both at Depop and beyond. We don’t know what the world will look like in 2030 which is why we decided to focus on creating an intensive two year plan. Being actively kinder is a journey and we’re only at the beginning of it.
Here are three key actions we’re taking right now.

Our actions

Make Depop climate neutral by the end of 2021.

Because we are in a climate emergency and we want to do our part. Read about how we're doing this here.

Systematic preference for circular or responsibly made fashion for all brand collaborations from now on.

Because we want to make better fashion options the first choice for everyone. And working with brands with similar visions will help us do this faster.

Provide educational resources and mentorship opportunities to help entrepreneurs, creatives or small businesses from underrepresented groups grow their businesses sustainably.

Because it’s time to design a new fashion system. And we want it to reflect as many perspectives as possible.

Understanding secondhand fashion

Is shopping secondhand better for the environment? How can I dress sustainably? How we buy clothes can change fashion’s impact on the environment – but it isn’t always easy to understand how our small choices affect the big picture. We break down five questions to help you better understand secondhand fashion in the FAQ below. Read on to learn about how you can be part of shaping a new fashion system that’s kinder to people and to the planet.